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New ticket system
We open a new support system.
Who use old system, please, re-create the ticket there.
Link to a new system:

Regards, ArxGaming team.
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10 KRD  daily
On 31.12.2016, the daily entrance fee to the game, you'll get 10 credits for a seat 5, the action is valid till 01.10.2017.
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Happy new year + 30%
ArxGaming administration congratulates all players on the Happy New Year.
We declare the action to + 30% when replenishing their game account.

Beginning stocks 31.12.2016 00h. 00 min. (Moscow time)

The promotion is valid until 01.03.2017, 23h. 59 min.

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Gifts for the long offline
Road warriors, thank you for your patience, and we want you to do a little surprise 01/01/2017 to 10/01/2017 for the daily intake of the game, you'll receive gifts from us, every day.

FCG R3 blasetr MK 60 Mod
kevlar repairman
Kit military surgeon
SVU-AS for sniper
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Technical work
Today, December 28th, 2016 at 12:00 (MSK), the game server will be disconnected for maintenance work.
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20% on your bill
We continue to please you, birthday, giving us an additional 20% of the top-up in the games.

Beginning stocks 12/01/2016 13h. 00 min.

The promotion is valid until 12/04/2016 12PM

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Gifts to all!
In honor of the birthday of ARX to all players for the daily input into the game with 12/01/2016 to 12/04/2016 inclusive, we will issue each day for three days, guns, namely:
FN SCAR-H - «Killer Zombies" series with increased damage
Sturmgewehr 44 - assault rifle of 1944, for the true connoisseurs of rare and skrill pla...
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Birthday of ARX!
Two years - not a short time. Especially for the project, created by fans, not proffesionals for money!
Yes, we are not perfect. Sometimes we make good things, sometimes make bugs. But we do not stand still, develop and go forward!
You, our dear players - those for whom we wake up in the middle of the night to restart a fall...
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Gift on the helloween
Dear players from 10/31/2016 on 11/04/2016 to announce the action!
Who will fill up the game account for any amount of credits, will participate in the raffle skins Crysis and blaster for PVE FOREVER !!! The number of winners is limited! Selection of the 5 winners will be November 4th.
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Halloween 2016
In honor of the holiday Halloween you give out to you the proper ammunition for 7 days.

APS Antizombi
Helmet Version 2
H & K G36K Machine
Sinister cleaver
SPAS- 12
H & K G36 MG
H & K G36 C
H & K SL8
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